Synergy Boiler

Synergy Boiler

Synergy Boiler is the #1 source for top quality heat, affordable outdoor wood furnace. Don't be a slave to the oil and natural gas industry. Set yourself free with a renewable energy source.
Synergy Boiler Provides:
Lower Fuel Costs
Efficient Source of Heat
Renewable Energy
American Made Materials


Synergy Boiler can significantly save you money over: Gas, Propane and Fuel Oil costs. The world is a scary place and in times like today we need to prepare for our family and keeping them warm in the cold winter months is a necessity.

Investing in a Synergy Boiler Product is one of the best investments you can make for your family.

Second To None

Quality Is Second To None. Synergy Boiler strives to build long-lasting durability into every furnace.

Our furnaces are manufactured with the highest quality components available in the heating industry today.

Superior Design

Our airtight units that convert wood into warm efficient heat. Our design creates a secondary burn of the gases. A Synergy Boiler will squeeze all of the heat from the wood with this efficient process, and will consume far less wood than other wood furnaces. The bed of charcoal remains in the furnace and becomes the base for a tremendous source of heat for your home. This is impossible with other furnaces that have open, conventional grates.